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W​​​​​hat Our Clients Say...


I've been working with Quentin to develop and generate growth for my business. Quentin has gone above and beyond in every regard, and is a pleasure to work with.


Sharum Gilani


Quentin knows so much about so many subjects, whether we're talking about marketing or help with writing. I would highly recommend him, He's also fun to work with.


Josephine Cropper


Quentin helped me with so much more than I ever expected - including repositioning my company. If you're looking for a superstar, I fully recommend Quentin.


Jane Morley

Superglue Ltd

What We Do...

Copywriting and Social Media Advertising

People always buy what they need, and with the right words, they'll buy it from you.

Followers and Fans

Without followers and fans your Facebook page will become a ghost town. We can help drive traffic with fully managed persistent low cost advertising to spread your message and build your audience.

Unique Content

Keeping your content up to date with regular, relevant posts is vital for appearances. Let us write your content for you and post it on a regular and consistent basis so you can get on with what you do best.

Sublime Copywriting

Content is one thing, but meaningful words that sell are quite another. We understand how to rank any article on page 1 of Google and we know how to write articles that sell. No one does it like us. Call and we'll show you.

Websites, Optin Forms and List Building

People buy from people they trust, your website reflects who you are and what you believe.


Whether you want a makeover or a brand new site (either from scratch or using the content of an existing site) we have the expertise and experience to showcase and position your company in the best possible light. And you get full control of everything when it's done. No hidden costs.

Optin Forms

With the right content and advertising comes visitors. Your job is to entice those visitors to sign up and become fans and followers. When you do that, you build the strongest base for your sales team to start returning your investment. We can help you convert those visitors into future customers.

List Building

Generating leads is one thing, but keeping tabs on those leads is quite another. We can help you set up autoresponders and email sequences so you can keep your leads warm and educate them so they learn to trust you and know who to turn to when they need help.

Press Releases, Video and Audio

People love video and audio. If you've not got an audio/video presence, we can help you get started.

Press Releases

Sending your message out to the world using 3rd party distribution is as old as the hills, yet few businesses do it strategically. We use a state of the art PR service for world wide distribution and can also write and distribute your press releases personally to the people that matter in your industry.

Video Production

Video works. We all know this just by looking at the popularity of YouTube, Your product or service can gain massive further popularity through video - including via Instagram and Facebook. Call us and let's discuss the possibilities. We can create any kind of video for you including ads.


Any piece of content can be turned into audio and broadcast through podcasting channels or simply through your website. All it takes is a strong voice and good reading style plus great content and you've got yet another way of getting your content out there to your audience. 

Lead Generation, Reputation Management, SEO

We all need to generate leads, manage our online reputations and do search engine optimisation.

Lead Generation

There are many ways to generate leads, and there are many services that will do it for you - at a price - and that's the problem. That price can be HUGE. Which is why we market a brilliant piece of software that lets you do it yourself for a fraction of the cost. Call us on 020 7193 9297 to find out more.

Reputation Management

In the old days, most people ignored reputation. It was hard to find any reliable sources. Nowadays it's everywhere. If you're not managing your reputation, you will lose it fast. But we've got a piece of software that lets you know the second you need to respond to anything online.

Search Engine Optimisation

If your content is not ranking on page 1 of Google, then it's not going to be seen by the masses (if at all). But we have found a way to work with search engines to get them to understand our content and rank it on page 1 every time. And once that's done, organic free traffic starts to flow.

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