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Professional Sales Copywriting for Business

What Does ProofMEDIA Do?

We provide professional sales copywriting services to help you align your products, services, and brand with your audience.

Copy That Grabs Attention

Attention is the holy grail of marketing. Unless your content grabs your visitors attention, it will not be read. Writing great content that engages visitors to take action is how you start to fill your pipeline and scale your business.

Copy That Sells

Content is one thing, but meaningful words that sell are quite another. It's the WORDS you choose and how you put them TOGETHER that leads to more sales. We can help you sell more, to more people, faster.

Copy That Gets Referrals

Once you've got someone's attention and they become a customer, you'll want to keep them. Writing copy that keeps people coming back and gets them to refer you to their friends is the most cost effective way to scale up.

Who Is ProofMEDIA?

Quentin Pain Director ProofMEDIA Ltd

ProofMEDIA is a professional sales copywriting service run by Quentin Pain

Quentin has been featured in The Sunday Times and MoneyWeek as well as on BBC radio. He was also a regular contributor at the Metro where he wrote a weekly column under the pseudonym The Money Doctor.

His successes include QPL Express Couriers, which he took from start-up to 18 staff and two offices before selling it, and, a company he grew from zero to 36,000 paying customers and who's software is now open-sourced and free for all to use.

Quentin has written a number of books including a Dummies title and runs 3 copywriting groups on Facebook with over 80,000 members. He is a former IAB Small Business Mentor of the Year.

What Quentin's Clients Say...

I've been working with Quentin to develop and generate growth for my business. Quentin has gone above and beyond in every regard, and is a pleasure to work with.

Sharum Gilani

Quentin knows so much about so many subjects, whether we're talking about marketing or help with writing. I would highly recommend him, He's also fun to work with.

Josephine Cropper

Quentin helped me with so much more than I ever expected - including repositioning my company. If you're looking for a superstar, I fully recommend Quentin.

Jane Morley

Superglue Ltd