Professional SEO Based Sales Copy for Business

What Does ProofMEDIA Do?

We provide professional SEO sales copy services to help you align what you do with search engines AND your audience.

Copy That Grabs Attention

Attention is the holy grail of marketing. Unless your sales copy and content grabs search engines' AND your visitors' attention, it will not be seen. Content that is not seen gets nowhere. That is the first step.

Copy That Sells

Attention is one thing, but meaningful words that sell are quite another. It's the WORDS you choose and how you put them TOGETHER that leads to more sales. We can help you sell more, to more people, faster.

Copy That Gets Referrals

Once you've got someone's attention and they become a customer, you'll want to keep them. Writing copy that keeps people coming back and gets them to refer you to their friends is the most cost effective way to scale up.