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Psychology of Name Calling in Story Telling

It’s well understood in psychology that name calling (eg. what Donald Trump does to every adversary) is a reflection on the person doing the name calling rather than a judgement of the other person’s character. That’s obvious of course, but it can also be used when writing a controversial piece of content to enhance a […]

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How to use ego to get your audience’s attention

Now I’ve figured out that ego is just another name for our defence mechanism (and a reminder of what scares me about life), I can see it has great potential for persuasive copy. Knowing that an audience cares deeply about something, and then stepping into their ego from a defensive point of view could add […]

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How To Rank Your Articles On Page 1 Of Google

There’s only two ways to get visitors to your site: At ProofMEDIA we’ll help you get them for free. And when you’ve got enough of the right kind of visitors, we’ll also help you scale them using paid media (so you can turn the tap on and off when you need). But first, let’s look at how […]

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