Copywriting Service

Copywriting Service

Welcome to ProofMEDIA Copywriting Services

We write professional copy for ads, flyers, print media, sales letters, email funnel sequences, on-boarding sequences and anything else that requires words in order to increase your revenue and sales.

As copywriters, we understand the principles of human behaviour and interaction. We understand that while a picture may paint a thousand words, no picture was ever sold without first using words.

We understand that every business is different, and every customer varies by degree, which means maximising the potential of the words we use to encourage the largest possible audience to become buyers without compromising the very specific messages required to move people along the prospect to customer journey.


We systematize every process, and, where advertising is used, we measure every possible metric to create a set of benchmark figures. This is important if no precedent has previously been set (you can’t measure what you don’t know).

We understand that return on investment is the single most important metric any business has, so we place that at the top of our priority list for clients. Whilst branding is massively important for any business to grow long-term, no business can survive without first making a profit.


Research is the starting point for all our clients. We get to know you, your people, your company and your products. We understand and believe in business culture.

That culture may be “businesses like us serve customers like this” or “businesses like that use businesses like ours”. Whatever it is that makes you stand out is our focus. And the words we write will always reflect that.

Our job as copywriters for local businesses in and around the Peterborough region is:

  • First, get the attention of your audience
  • Second, engage them with the information they need to solve their current problem or satisfy their wants
  • Third, convert them from prospect to customer by making them irresistible offers
  • Fourth, help retain those customers to produce further revenue for you
  • Fifth, help them become ambassadors to help spread your brand through word of mouth

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