Sell The Want. Get Paid For The Need.

Sell The Want. Get Paid For The Need.

Marketers talk about needs and wants a lot. I always say "sell the want, get paid for the need". It works.

But sometimes all that matters is the need. When someone needs something, they have no choice but to get it (otherwise it's not a need).

Where or who they get it from determines the price. Needs have different levels of neediness (it's that same digital thing again – humans love labelling things – we tend to think in terms of this or that rather than thisish or thatish – well most of us anyway).

A strong need is always associated with our physical desires. Food, security, comfort and community being the top 4.

When you satisfy a need perfectly, it becomes an easy sell. If it's a commodity (eg. food) you'd think price would rule, but the truth is it doesn't. People prefer to shop where it also fits other categories (eg. safety, ease of parking, community).

As marketers we think of these as value ads, hence the solution to move people from commodity pricing to luxury pricing is to think in terms of adding value.

But an often misunderstood element of this is trust. If you can position yourself (or your client, or a product or service) as being the most trusted source, then the price can be (almost) anything you like.

Remember trust when you're writing your next sales piece. And join my free Facebook group – Science of Copywriting if you wan't to learn more about the subtle art of persuasion in writing.

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