The Strongest Copywriting Anchor On The Planet

When it comes to copywriting, fairness is a type of anchor that just happens to be the most emotional trigger on the planet. For example, “it’s not fair” is the most common dialogue between siblings. And they shout it not just at each other, but to whoever happens to be in earshot.

It makes sense then to study fairness and see how it can be weaved into sales copy. For example, is it fair that someone else should be making all that money/owning that brand new car/ having that wonderful relationship/enjoying a peaceful retirement when you (and by that I mean the people you write for) are not?

When combined with a story of injustice, fairness moves people directly into the zone. They quickly pick sides. And that means trust. Positioning a business on the right side of any injustice situation does more than win friends. It influences them too.

That is how some of the best copy in the world works. When you win people over by fighting injustice, everyone wins.

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