Who Are You Writing For?

Are you left handed or right handed? How does that shape your beliefs?

Are you male or female, what about that?

Are you black or white?

Do you believe other people believe what you believe?

A right handed Ancient Greek wrote how funny it was that on horseback he could wield his sword like a true warrior with his right hand, yet his apparently useless left hand could steer his horse like a professional (and he pointed out it was true of everyone else he knew too).

Beliefs are often wrong. To assume otherwise is a mistake. But they're real. And you'll only convert people if you learn how to change them.

This is why we search for people who are part of our culture. They're the low hanging fruit.

As a copywriter you have a choice. Try to convert people with a different set of beliefs, or only speak to those who already understand your offer.

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Quentin Pain



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