The Tale Of Og and Pg

The Tale Of Og and Pg

Do you have a todo list? In the past I've always found my todo list grew faster than the number of things I could ever possibly do.

I imagine that's much the same for everyone – at least that's what I hear.

Then one day I realised why – Complete Subservience to the Opportunity God (Og).

Og does us no favours. Og is ready and waiting for the Procrastination God (Pg).

As soon as Pg is around, Og shows up and we're off to the metaphorical races.

The problem is, the races are not our races, they're Og's. And boy does Og know a thing or two about winning races.

So next time you've been struck by the Pg, ignore the Og and create your own race. That way it will be a race to the top and not the bottom.

If you want to find out more about the Pg and the Og and how to get your own back give ProofMEDIA a call on 01733 590133


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