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Every second of every day someone somewhere in the UK is searching for an accountant.

They usually start on Google by entering their town name followed by the word accountants.

Or they may enter a little more, eg. "looking for an accountant to do my books in peterborough".

But whatever they type doesn't really matter, since the intent is obvious. They're ready to buy.

The question is, is your website ready to sell?

Here at ProofMEDIA we'll make sure it is. And we'll also make sure it's found for every term that relates to someone searching for an accountant in your town or county (including multiple towns if your practice has multiple locations).

We'll do this by creating exactly the right content that gets Google's attention and your prospect's attention.

It's one thing to rank on page 1 of Google, but quite another to win trust instantly and get prospective clients to give you a call.

But that's what must happen if your site is to make a return on the investment you put into it, otherwise, what's the point?

We've been involved with the accountancy industry since 1982 including the founding of a couple of accounting software companies in the UK.

One of those was, who at one point were second to Sage in terms of boxed software sales volume in the UK (sold through PC World, Apple, Staples, WH Smith and Amazon).

We were also the authors of Home Accountz for Dummies, and we set up an accountancy firm from scratch and made it profitable in less than 12 months.

The point is, we know what it takes to get an accountancy firm noticed and rank it highly for thousands of keywords in the accountancy sector.

If you'd like to find out how we can help you do the same and become the Number One Accountancy Firm in your area, please contact Quentin on 01733 590133 or schedule a call below.

We look forward to helping you succeed where others have failed.

Get on a 30 minute call with Quentin and together, we'll figure out the first steps for you to become the top rated accountancy firm in your town or county.