When An Audience is Bored…

I don't know why, but the vast majority of people hate to ask questions, yet we all love to answer them. It's the reason quiz shows work so well – someone else does the asking.

So next time you're at a seminar and bored out of your mind despite the promises, you'll know it's a Message to Market Mismatch. Here's why:

1. When someone has a product nobody wants, they fail.

2. When someone has a red-hot product nobody wants, they fail.

3. When someone has a red-hot product that a group of people would die for, but they market to a group of people who wouldn't, they fail.

Because the value of any product or service, howsoever delivered, is entirely created and held in the minds of its audience.

And if the message someone is giving does not match the message in someone else's head, it fails every time.

This is why the most important thing anyone can ever do before writing a single word of copy is ask the audience.

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