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What Does ProofMEDIA Do?

Copywriting and Social Media Advertising

People always buy what they need, and with the right words, they’ll buy it from YOU

Copy That Grabs Attention

Attention is the holy grail of marketing. Unless your content grabs your visitors attention, it will not be read. Writing great content that engages visitors to take action is how you start to fill your pipeline and scale your business.

Copy That Sells

Content is one thing, but meaningful words that sell are quite another. It’s the WORDS you choose and how you put them TOGETHER that leads to more sales. We can help you sell more, to more people, faster.

Copy That Gets Referrals

Once you’ve got someone’s attention and they become a customer, you’ll want to keep them. Writing copy that keeps people coming back and gets them to refer you to their friends is the most cost effective way to scale up.

Websites, Optin Forms and List Building

People buy from people they trust, your website reflects who you are and what you believe.


Whether you want a makeover or a brand new site (either from scratch or using the content of an existing site) we have the expertise and experience to showcase and position your company in the best possible light. And you get full control of everything when it’s done. No hidden costs.

Optin Forms

With the right content and advertising comes visitors. Your job is to entice those visitors to sign up and become fans and followers. When you do that, you build the strongest base for your sales team to start returning your investment. We can help you convert those visitors into future customers.

List Building

Generating leads is one thing, but keeping tabs on those leads is quite another. We can help you set up autoresponders and email sequences so you can keep your leads warm and educate them so they learn to trust you and know who to turn to when they need help.

Lead generation and SEO

We all need to generate leads and do search engine optimisation to make that easier

Lead Generation

There are many ways to generate leads, and there are many services that do it, but the cost can be prohibitive if it’s not tied in tightly to a return on your investment. This is why it’s worth the time developing a lead generation funnel that pays.

Search Engine Optimisation

If your content is not ranking on page 1 of Google, then it’s not going to be seen by the masses (if at all). Work with us and we’ll do everything we can to help you rank on page 1. Once that’s done, organic free traffic starts to flow.

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