Who Is ProofMEDIA And What Does ProofMEDIA Do?

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Who Is ProofMEDIA And What Does ProofMEDIA Do?

Welcome to ProofMEDIA UK. The home of getting it done – whatever your digital marketing needs.

The term ‘media’ is massively generic, but as far as we’re concerned it means content.

Content for websites, content for social media, content for blogs, content for podcasts, content for keynote speeches, content for seminars, content for workshops, content for events. You name it, ProofMEDIA is here to help you with it.

The Proof part means exactly what it says. If we can do something that’s measurable in any way, then we’ll agree the KPI’s together, get it done, and measure the results.

Put the two terms together and you get ProofMEDIA. That’s our ethos and that’s what we put our very best efforts into achieving for our clients.

However, it does mean we need to be a little bit picky about who we work with.

Some clients require a certain amount of privacy, we understand that very well. Not least because we were GDPR compliant well before it became law.

But of course, the main thing about marketing, and especially digital marketing is the need to send out a message to those that matter in the most cost efficient way possible.

That could be from having top class material written for your site by our team of professional copywriters designed to nurture your audience and win trust so they quickly convert into customers, or it could mean getting articles to rank on page 1 for a series of relevant keywords using our state of the art software.

Or it might be by creating a highly interactive online quiz that gets your prospects interested and engaged right from the second they hit the landing page we set up for you.

Or it might come from creating an incredible and fully automated sales funnel taking your visitors from mildly interested to raving fans and ambassadors for what you do. The point is, here at ProofMEDIA we have you covered whatever your digital content marketing needs.

We’re here to please and serve you. It’s also why we only work with selected partners – moaning and whining is banned – it’s forward gear all the way – if you’re not open to new revenue generating ideas, or you need to pass things through multiple committees, we won’t be a good fit.

On the other hand, if you want something that looks great, reads great, and converts like crazy, we’re all in with you.

Call ProofMEDIA today on 01733 590133 and let’s set up a good time to take your ideas forward.

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