Goodbye Whiteboard Hello Funnelytics

The higher the price of the sale, the longer it takes to get it.

This is universally true both offline and online.

No one dips into their wallet and pulls out a thousand pounds on a whim.

And no one knows for sure how many marketing “touches” it really takes to convert someone from a prospect into a customer.

Sales Funnel Creation

Which is why sales funnels were created.

It’s what we do here at ProofMEDIA every day.

We think deeply about the route from prospect to customer, but we don’t rely on some random event to happen to get people on track.

Instead we carefully nurture people through the reasons they need whatever it is you sell, and we overcome all objections on the way.

To do that effectively, we used to use large whiteboards, then take a photo for our records (so we could resurrect it and tweak it if necessary in the future).

No More Whiteboards

But now we have Funnelytics.

Funnelytics is an online app that let’s us create complete funnels, mapping people from their very first encounter with us (which may be from Facebook, an ad of some sort, an email, or simply a visit to our website).

Once we’ve got them started, we step them through the process using various means that make sense for them.

Quizzes, Email Sequences, Webinars, Optin Forms

These can be highly interactive quizzes or carefully thought through email sequences (with clever self selection branching to ensure they get what they want – which also reduces unsubscribe rates).

They can also include webinar signups, optin forms, video sequences and a whole host of other media depending on what works best.

And of course being ProofMEDIA, we track every step of the way so we can tweak conversion rates of each step to ensure maximum ROI.

Create Your Own Funnels with Funnelytics

We offer this service to all our clients, but you don’t need to be a client to make use of our preferred tool – Funnelytics, because we’re also a Certified Funnelytics Partner and you can get it yourself and create your own funnels simply by going here. – where you can get the mapping part for FREE – FOREVER.

If you’d like to discuss your ideas and needs direct, then please do book up a strategy session with us over here.


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