Why Being On Page 1 Of Google Matters

A professionally written, properly researched article on something your audience, customers and prospects care about, will bring in thousands of visitors over the year.

That starts to happen over a period of 3 to 6 months as Google uncovers and tests multiple search phrases against your article and finds those that perform best.

But it will ONLY do this if it believes your article is semantically linked to whatever the searcher is looking for, and that means, unless you do your research properly BEFORE the article is written, not much will happen.

We realised the only way to do this properly is to research the one thing that lets us know what counts and what doesn’t – and that one thing is Google.

Google are the Gatekeepers of pretty much all organic free traffic online. They determine what rises to the top and what doesn’t.

We wrote a piece of unique software to reveal this, and that’s what we use for all our articles. Unless you know what Google are expecting to see, you will fail. Let us help you.