Copywriting Is More Than Just Words

If you want to know what's going on. Ask. When someone responds to your ad and you measure it as, say, a click, you get a "data point". Get enough of these data points and you can determine whether your ad is working.

Or so you think. Trouble is, you're probably wrong. They may have clicked because they liked the image. They may have clicked because they liked a particular word or sentence.

They may have clicked because you used clickbait (with or without realising it).

The only way you'll ever find out is by measuring what happens next.

In a traditional system, the first part (eg. an ad) takes people direct to the offer. That's it. TV ads, radio ads, print ads, Google Ads etc., operate this way.

If they buy, the conversion aspect of your copywriting job is done. If it also makes a profit, the client is happy.

But if the customer is unhappy in any way with the purchase, it's more than just another data point. Bad reviews may appear. Referrals may go down. Staff morale may be affected. Management may be affected. Jobs are lost. Families are affected. And so on.

The problem with marketing is not seeing the big picture. The whole universe operates as one. Whatever we all do affects everything else (in one way or another).

Explain this to your clients when you next pitch a job so they get that your job as a copywriter goes way beyond making a sale. You have their whole future at heart.

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