From Not Interested to Interested – The Science of Copywriting

The easiest part of selling is turning someone from interested to bought. The hard part is turning someone from uninterested to interested.

When your copy achieves that (and you know why) you’ve arrived.

It’s a change of direction on the part of the reader, and marketers have been trying to bottle it for years, but it has to be elusive by its very nature (what value does it have if everyone has it?).

And yet some people do.

This whole thing has been my pursuit.

And as a copywriter, it has to be your pursuit too. To know what turns people on (from not interested to interested) is your USP. It’s an exceedingly rare skill. But just imagine if you had it?

Every conversation you had would be different. You’d know very quickly the value of it.

Ethics (ie. hard decisions) would become simple because you’d no longer be desperate. There’d be no more surprises. Just predictable results.

And that is why I set up the Science of Copywriting Facebook group and Pro Copy Club. To explore and expose this most elusive and powerful skill.



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