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How To Discover The Hidden Keywords That Drive Traffic To Your Site

Every article has (or should have) a purpose, but there’s one purpose that matters more than any other, and that purpose is that first and foremost, an article needs to be found.

If an article isn’t found, it never gets seen, which is why tools like Google Analytics or Bing Webmaster Tools are so important.

In the early days Google showed us almost every keyword that drove traffic to our site, and more importantly, which pages the traffic was directed to.

It was dead easy to write articles that attracted more traffic by reverse engineering the analytics.

But that started having a detrimental effect on the pages that turned up in search. People abused the system, and it got worse and worse for everyone.

The search engines changed and tweaked their algorithms multiple times, and these days they’ve largely succeeded in reducing the problem.

At the same time Google started restricting access to the very keywords we needed to see in order to assess the effectiveness of our articles.

So we had to resort to guesswork again. Remember, the primary purpose of any article you write online is to be seen, the secondary purpose is to write something useful that that helps people solve a problem.

But luckily, a new tool has appeared on the seen called Keyword-Hero that unlocks those keywords for you.

It does it using Google Analytics by creating a view that reveals almost 90% of the missing keywords.

Right now you can get the base version for free. Here’s the link:

PS. I’m recommending keyword-hero because we use it here at ProofMEDIA. We love its simplicity and know it will be useful to anyone interested in seeing why people come to their site.


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