How To Use ‘Anchors’ To Entice People Into Your Offers

‘Anchoring’ is possibly the biggest subject in terms of psychology and sales. The best persuaders use it to get what they want, and when done right, succeed.

Imagine being able to promise the world to your prospect? What would that be worth to you? Obviously that’s an over the top promise, but you know what I mean.

A strong understanding of anchoring will let you promise and get practically anything (that’s anchoring right there – anchored to anchoring).

The most common anchor in sales is price point – mention a larger price first, then tell them the real lower price, and suddenly it seems like a bargain. Price comparison is another name for it. We see it every day, we know what they’re doing, yet we’re still fooled (or they’d stop doing it).

Our emotions cannot resist a ‘bargain’ because we’ve been brainwashed into thinking a bargain makes something scarce. And the emotion of losing something far outweighs the emotion of gain.

Academic studies have demonstrated this over and over again. If you’re not using anchors in your copy, you’re missing out. I’ll be back with more examples later – don’t miss out now!


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