Oh No. Not Another Sales Funnel.

Funnels are a big deal right? They're everywhere. An ad leads to a landing page. A landing page (may) lead to an optin form (or be the optin form itself). The optin leads to an email sequence (or a direct offer, or a video etc.).

And so it goes on. There's probably more optin form (and related) software available than any other type of lead generation software (eg. for every Mailchimp style CRM, there are 30 WordPress optin plugins (at least).

Everywhere you seem to go online, someone has an ad, or a free newsletter, or ebook, or cheatsheet, or video sequence, or whatever.

But that's just the world me and you live in. The internet marketing and related world.

Out there in mid-level bricks and mortar corporate land, they're about a decade behind. They've only just cottoned on to doing their own lead generation (and that's only some of them).

Go down a peg to bricks and mortar small biz, and they're even further behind. Most of them have no idea what a copywriter is (let alone what we do).

Which means you need to adapt your messaging to each market according to their awareness level.

And that last sentence sums up marketing in a nutshell. It makes no difference whether you're targeting micro, mid-level or the corporate tier, or whether you're targeting bricks and mortar or online, or whether you're targeting plumbers or lawyers, every, single, market. Is different.

And so are the people who run those businesses. Finding the common denominator in a market is our job. Speaking to that common denominator as though they were an individual is our science.

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