Science of Copywriting – The First Stage Of Awareness

One day we get a notion to do something. And sometimes, we follow up and actually do it. How does that happen?

Can you think back to the start of something you take for granted? What prompted that change? Had you shown any interest in it before? (and also, before what?)

As a baby we know very little about anything. We have built in automatic reactions and needs, you can count them on your fingers (loud noises, falling, eating, sleeping, breathing, and the unmentionables).

There's no want or desire. We have no idea why we need these things, we just do them.

Then slowly we start thinking about why the world we take for granted is the way it is. Something in us changes and we become inquisitive (it's not just us, it's inherent in all animals).

When you're writing for an audience that has very little interest in what you're writing about, it makes sense then to use a headline that invokes curiosity.

It's the first stage of awareness.

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